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5 Best Healthy Protein Rich Snacks

Protein rich snacks are best diet options when you’re doing your workout to stay fit and healthy. A diet plan that is rich in protein and essential nutrients are always recommended by your gym trainer. while you’re on your workout routine and doing your core hard work to maintain a good physique, you should always look after what you’re eating, essentially how much Protein you’re getting from your food.

We will be sharing a list of high rich protein snacks which are easy to make and healthy at peak.

Best Protein Rich Snacks

Cucumber Cuisine

cucumber protein snack

Yeah! It may sound weird to ears but it will taste good in your mouth. Take 3 long fresh slices of cucumber and mix it with spinach, little oil and some coriander leaves. Also add 2 spoon of Jeera powder and red chilli powder. If you are looking for a healthy and tasty dish which can be prepared fast then what would be the better option other than this.

Cucumber has also different health benefits, when it comes to treat dark circles and dry lips in winter.

Veggie Sandwich

Sandwich never makes us fail to allure the yum crunchy taste of it. Yeah! You heard it right but you know the bread contains calories. No worries. we got something for you. Take brown slices of bread and cut it in triangular shape. Bake it a little. Fill as many veggies as you want or as many it’s available. Well, Make sure you add tomatoes, onions, little amount of curd, carrot and some dry paneer and then enjoy it with tomato sauce.

Tomato Uttapam

Make sure while making uttapam you use little amount of oil and more of vegetables which will make it appealing and more tasty.
Add all different color vegetables in the gram flour but make sure you don’t fail to put more tomatoes so that it’s delicious as well as healthy for your body.

Check out this quick recipe : Tomato Uttapam Recipe

Roasted spicy almonds

Roast almonds or fry it with little amount of oil and add red chilli pepper and black salt to it. Store it in a jar and have it daily 2 times. It’s so tasty and plus point is ” It won’t add calories to your body”. Bye-bye fat without “bye-ing tasty edible items.

Fruit Salad

Bring all the fruits rich in vitamins and minerals and cut it in the right size and arrange it in your plate. Make sure the plate looks really colorful then sprinkle Black salt all over but make sure if you have fruits like mangoes or strawberries, you don’t do that. It won’t give you a good taste. Moreover to make it even more finger-licking, you may add little amount of curd and Jeera(cumin) powder. Sometimes you may also add cauliflower leaves or some other green leafy to glorify the taste of fruit salad.

These are some ways by which you can spice up your ” Being-fit” schedule in not so boring way or else you may continue swallow your strict diet which will help you in becoming fit but your heart’s demand won’t be fulfilled. You should never abandon your heart desires and crave for tasty foods but healthy as well for your body.

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