8 Best Natural Home Remedies to get rid of dark circles

A lot of people have dark circles because you can see their blood vessels in their eyelids and that’s either because they have more capillaries or the ones they have are thicker and larger and because the skin of the eyelid is the thinnest in the body you can see them more easily. Dark circles often visible due to a lot of reasons, your food and diet routine, sleeping routine, digital screen time and many other causes dark circles.

Dark circles can be a noticeable spot on face that can take time to go. It also impact the first impression of your in front of other person. Getting rid of these dark circles are easy, although there are a lot of creams and chemicals available in the market that can be use but depending on your skin type and harsh chemical they use, it will be best to go naturally to get rid of dark circles.

In this article, we will be covering some natural remedies to get rid of dark circles without any harm to your skin.

Best Home Remedies to get rid of dark circle

1. Coffee or Caffeine

Caffeine acts as a Diuretic to help get fluid out of your body but it also helps to constrict your blood vessels at least momentarily so drinking a cup of coffee or a cup of black tea can help constrict your blood vessels and get the dark circles to be less apparent you can also try the moistened tea bag trick if you want because caffeine can also be absorbed through the skin that’s exactly why some medications and creams for dark circles have caffeine in them.

2. Cucumber

cucumber for dark circles

Cucumber is a wonder home remedy for dark circles and are suggested multiple times and for all the right reasons. The high water content of cucumber helps in hydrating the dry areas under eye skin and the cool temperature helps decrease the blood flow to the area Which is what makes them look dark in the first place.

Cut cucumber slices in round shapes and place then on your eyes and sit in a reclining position and then let the cucumber’s natural acids soak into skin area around eyes.


coconut oil for dark circles

Dark circles are caused by different reasons such as dehydration, lack of sleep, and others. Taking a treatment of coconut oil can be a benefit and help in removing the dark circle. It will reduce your wrinkles and fine lines under the eye.

Take 1 teaspoon of coconut oil and apply under the eyes & massage for 5 mins then leave it for till the morning. Applying regularly can help you to get rid of dark circles and improves skin textures.

In our other articles, we have also share how Coconut oil can help you to get rid of dry lips.


Tea bag for dark circle

Tea bags are popular and natural options found easily in kitchen. There are some best use and benefits of left over tea bag after enjoying the cup of tea. Tea bag can be applied under eyes to get rid of dark circles.

Take a tea bags and if tea bags are warmer then chill it down while keeping them in refrigerator for 20-25 mins and place it under your eyes just for 30-40 mins to enhance your beauty.


vitamin e for dark circles

Vitamin E capsule is all rounder for everything like for eyes, hairs, face, dark spots, dark circles and other skin radicals. Vitamin E provides moisture, locks water, keep you hydrated, reduce wrinkles volume, and soften your skin tone. Take 1 capsule or take it with rose water and just put it under your eyes while doing soft massage around your eyes. Take a nap for a while and then pick your mirror to see the difference. Applying on daily basis can help you to get rid of dark circles.


olive oil for dark circles

Olive oil is a multipurpose product and contains Vitamin K. It is and excellent moisturizer for dark circle. Dark circles make your face dull because of Hyperpigmentation, genetics, stress, ageing, or sleep deprivation which makes the skin around your eyes dark. Apply some olive oil on cotton balls or 1/2 tbsp pour some on your fingers and massage in circular motion for few minutes. Use it before going to bed and keep it till overnight.


tomato for dark circles

Tomato is a natural bleaching remedy that can fight against dark circles. Tomato also contains vitamin C, lycopene, antibacterial, and anti-ageing agent to protect us from sun and nourishes to enhance your skin and maintain healthy and youthful skin.

Take 1 tomato and blend it properly and simply apply under your eyes or you can mix the tomato paste with lemon or aloe vera. Just leave that mask for 10-20 mins and wash your face with normal water.


rose water for dark circles

Rose petals or Rose water both are perfect for the face, skin or dark circles. Roses are purely natural products, it will give shine to your skin, tightens your skin, reduce dark circles, or spots . It also soften and hydrate your skin.

Take fresh rose petals and grind them and mix the paste with aloe vera and then keep the mixture in the refrigerator for 30 mins. Apply the mixture under your eyes and keep it for 30-40 mins. Apply this mixture twice in day and follow it for 2 weeks and you will see the dark circles fading out.

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